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We are open for business!

How Covid-19 is effecting our services.

We are still here to service your vehicles. Covid-19 has affected all businesses but essential services will stay running. We are an essential service. Here is what we're doing during these difficult times. Our customers are very important to ...

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On the Hunt for a Used Vehicle?

What to Remember When Buying a Used Vehicle

Buying a used car can be a stressful, painful experience.  It's important to weigh the pro's and con's to avoid unpleasant surprises. Purchasing a used-car is not an easy task because it takes a long time to find something you're interested in ...

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Fixing your own vehicle?

Here's why you shouldn't

Do you know people who still fix their own vehicles? That was then... Depending on your age, you may recall when lots of vehicle repair and maintenance was done in a buddy's backyard garage using just a socket set, a screwdriver, and a few open-ended ...

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Categories: Car repair

Vehicle Winterizing Tips with a Twist

Get your vehicle ready for the cold weather

Here we are again... winter driving tips! If you have lived in the rugged, ever-changing Alberta climate for more than a year or two and survived to tell the tale, there are likely few vehicle winterizing tips you have not already encountered. You know ...

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Advice on making your vehicle last longer

Maintaining your vehicle doesn't have to be hard

Advice for vehicle owners It is not possible to drive any vehicle without incurring the added expense of ongoing maintenance. Luckily, though, cars and trucks these days outlast their warranty periods routinely, which is a Very Good Thing. On the flipside, ...

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