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Vehicle Inspections

Do you need one?

The many reasons you might get a  vehicle inspection There are a few types of vehicle inspections - Peace of Mind, Holiday, Purchasing a New Vehicle and Out of Province. Are you a little confused about what kind of inspection your vehicle needs? ...

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Vehicle Safety Tips

Keep Your Family Safe With These Car Safety Tips

Cars are a huge part of our day-to-day lives. They get us to where we want to go and keep you and your family safe along the way. Here are a couple of great vehicle safety tips that most people tend to overlook.    Car Seats According ...

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Fixing your own vehicle?

Here's why you shouldn't

Do you know people who still fix their own vehicles? That was then... Depending on your age, you may recall when lots of vehicle repair and maintenance was done in a buddy's backyard garage using just a socket set, a screwdriver, and a few open-ended ...

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Vehicle Winterizing Tips with a Twist

Get your vehicle ready for the cold weather

Here we are again... winter driving tips! If you have lived in the rugged, ever-changing Alberta climate for more than a year or two and survived to tell the tale, there are likely few vehicle winterizing tips you have not already encountered. You know ...

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Rocking The Great Canadian Family Road Trip

Tips to have a safe driving experience

The second the kids have been freed from the daily grind of grade school for the summer is the signal for Albertans to head out in the station wagon or minivan for The Great Canadian Family Road Trip. A fantastic way to see new sights and experience our ...

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