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A Car Vending Machine?

Ford has began to start dispensing cars in China

Buying a new car can be quite the task... Nobody likes the whole buying a new car, experience. Going through the test-drive, riding around the block while a salesman offers you their well-rehearsed line of gab, and then you try to tell yourself that purchasing ...

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What colour is your vehicle?

Choose wisely

Do you make an actual choice on the colour your vehicle will be or just go with the flow? Humans are colour-conscious critters and play close attention to the hues they choose for clothing, shoes and shelter.   This same colour-consciousness predictably ...

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Tire Pressure Sensors

Facts You Need to Know

Tire pressure monitoring systems are now becoming prevalent in vehicles today. This is a great time to discuss issues around this fairly new vehicle feature which is designed to take the worry out of your tire pressure.  E & R Automotive is a ...

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Owning a vehicle is expensive!

Here's where you can save money

Save money where you can... insurance! Anyone who has ever owned a vehicle knows there are always ongoing costs that have nothing to do with the monthly payment. There's fuel, oil and other essential liquids that keep the vehicle running safely, as ...

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