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Driving in Snow

How to Stay Safe

Winter driving tips to make it through to spring! The Tortoise Wins the Race One of the most obvious safe winter driving tips is to SLOW DOWN! It's a fact that speeding is the main cause of collisions during the winter months. When you reduce ...

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Car Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring has FINALLY arrived! It's time to do some cleaning on your vehicle

Your car could be pretty dirty after such a long winter... Spring is finally in the air, which means its that time of the year again - Spring Cleaning! E & R Auto is here to help with some spring car cleaning tips!   Out with Winter, in With ...

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Some tips on how to save gas

Every little bit helps!

Ongoing automotive costs, even without a vehicle payment, can be a huge expense for your family's budget. Depending on your driving habits, the price of fuel and other fluids may exceed even the dollar value of that monthly car loan. Luckily, we can ...

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