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Hacks for saving money on fuel

Some tips on how to save gas

Every little bit helps!

Ongoing automotive costs, even without a vehicle payment, can be a huge expense for your family's budget.

Depending on your driving habits, the price of fuel and other fluids may exceed even the dollar value of that monthly car loan. Luckily, we can change the bottom line on our fuel use by changing how we drive, as well as other good habits we can acquire. Here's how:

Slow Down When Speeding Up (Let me explain!)

One simple way to maximize your fuel costs is to avoid "jackrabbit starts" by always accelerating gradually. The difference in fuel consumption over a "Leadfoot Larry" is a whopping 33% less for slow starters. Additionally, while driving in urban areas with numerous stoplights, fast acceleration usually leads to using the brakes more, which will make them require servicing much sooner than necessary.

Idle MischiefIdling while waiting for a train can cost you money

When waiting at a level crossing for a train to pass, or facing other wait times of over a minute or so, you may want to consider shutting off your vehicle, rather than idling the motor. Idling can burn between one and two litres of gasoline per hour. Obviously, we want to keep our vehicles warm and running during cold snaps, but otherwise there should be no harm done by turning off your engine while waiting for the kids to get out of school, emerge from the convenience store or what have you. If you are a chronic idler because you are not confidant the car will restart, fuel economy may not be your biggest concern. (Hint: It's time to get your car serviced by experienced professionals!)

Be Cool (But Not Too Cool)

Few cars come without air conditioning anymore but that doesn't mean you should use it every chance you get. It is also a good idea, if you are going to use you're A/C on particularly hot days, to first open your windows before heading off, to exhaust the heat in the vehicle before turning on the cooling. It's also a smart idea to drive with your windows open at higher speeds for cooling purposes, rather than the A/C. Never use the air conditioner with a window open, however as it is simply wasted fuel.

Join the Club

A number of area gas stations offer loyalty programs that give you a certain amount back on every purchase. Using these programs can save you a surprising amount of money over the course of a year.

Yes, There's an App For That, Too!

For the folks with smartphones and other mobile devices, there are apps available which will provide you with the addresses of gas stations with the least expensive posted fuel prices. One such example is the Gas Buddy app available here. Other sources of local gas price comparisons include 630 CHED and CBC.

Keep an Eye on Your Air (Wait. What?)

Every motorist should own a tire gauge and use it at least monthly to monitor the air pressure in their tires. Over-inflating and under-inflating both cause premature damage to your rubber and represent a serious safety hazard beyond just the extra fuel you require for under-inflation.

This advice regarding manually checking your pressure with a gauge is even relevant for drivers who own vehicles with tire pressure monitoring sensors. This is because tires lose, on average, about two pounds per month. Automatic systems that warn you of under-inflated tires usually don't issue an alert, however, unless there is at least 5 PSI gone.

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