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Don't drive distracted

Distracted driving?

Be safe behind the wheel

Distracted driving is STILL a big problem in Alberta.no cell phones while driving unless hands free

Sadly, thousands of violations are handed out every year, even with all the messages out there!

The penalty for distracted driving in Alberta is a $287 fine and 3 demerit points. 

Please be safe when behind the wheel.


The law applies to all vehicles and all roads in Alberta.Don't let your pet sit on your lap while driving
You are NOT allowed to do any of the following, even while stopped at red lights:

  • using hand-held cell phones
  • texting or e-mailing
  • entering information on GPS units
  • reading printed materials in the vehicle
  • writing, printing or sketching
  • driving with pet on your lap
  • using electronic devices such as laptop computers, video games, cameras,
  • video entertainment displays and programming portable audio players such as MP3 players
  • personal grooming such as brushing and flossing teeth, putting on makeup, curling hair,
  • clipping nails or shaving

You COULD receive two tickets - one for distracted driving and one for a moving violation.

You can even be charged with distracted driving if you are distracted by your pet or child while driving.
Make sure you keep your pets from occupying the front seat or your access to the vehicle controls.

Hands-free phone

You CAN do these things:

  • use a cell phone in hands-free mode 
  • use an earphone - if it is used in a hands-free or voice-activated manner
  • drinking beverages - coffee, water or pop or eating a snack (BUT NOT IN BOTH HANDS!)
  • smoking
  • talking with passengers
  • listening to a portable audio player - as long as it is set up before you begin driving
  • calling emergency services such as 9-1-1 with a hand-held cell phone




It's much easier to be a safe driver when you aren't worried about the funny noise your vehicle is making or if the AC/Heater is working or why your brakes are squeaking. By contacting E & R Automotive Clinic, you can be assured that we will eliminate that distraction. Call us at 780-955-1991 today.

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