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Turn ALL lights on earlier in low light conditions

Are your tail lights on?

Make sure ALL your lights are on earlier

Turn on your headlights AND tail lights!

During the winter months, it gets dark so much earlier here than in the summer. We need to remember to turn all our vehicle lights on!  

Newer vehicles usually have running lights on automatically, but that doesn't mean you have the tail lights on. When it gets dark, snowing or foggy, we need to have ALL the lights are on, not only for your safety but for people driving behind you. Poor visibility is a problem, in these conditions especially, so give yourself and other drivers the best chance to be safe. 

Vehicle Lights Checklist:

  • Turn your headlights on and test both high and low beams to see if they are working properly.

  • Check for condensation inside the headlight itself. If there is condensation, you may have a leak, and over time your headlights will burn out more quickly.

  • Headlights will get dimmer over time and can usually lose 15% - 20% over a life span of 4 -5 years. You can purchase premium lights but they are more expensive. Headlight cases that are hazy can be cleaned up with a headlight restoration kit.

  • Make sure they are clean. With all the slush and gravel on the roads, they can get pretty dirty. You can even apply a special glass cleaner such as Rain-X or a similar product to help stop the slush from sticking to the headlight lens.

  • Be sure that your tail lights are on when its dark or in poor weather conditions and check that they are not covered with snow or dirt. Your vehicle is very hard to see in these conditions without your lights on.

Keeping your headlights and tail lights in the best working condition will help you avoid a collision.

Call us today at 780-955-1991 to have your vehicle checked out by a professional. Safe driving this holiday season from all of us at E & R Auto. 

Winter driving conditions
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