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Do you need an inspection?

Vehicle Inspections

Do you need one?

The many reasons you might get a  vehicle inspection

There are a few types of vehicle inspections - Peace of Mind, Holiday, Purchasing a New Vehicle and Out of Province. Are you a little confused about what kind of inspection your vehicle needs? We are here to help! Keep reading below to learn more about each type of inspection and if it is correct for you. 


Peace of Mind Inspection

This type of inspection covers all basics with most importantly you and your family's safety in mind. Peace of Mind Inspections check how your vehicle is operating, how it's mechanical components are functioning, and looks for any damage that may have occurred. A Peace of Mind Inspection is a great way to prepare your vehicle for a new season especially for drastic weather changes like winter. 


Holiday Inspection

Whether you're planning a road trip or a long drive to your destination it may be time for a Holiday Inspection. Holiday Inspections are very similar to "Peace of Mind Inspections" because they both make sure that your vehicle is running smoothly. This type preventative inspection reassures you that your vehicle is ready for your fun-filled vacay.


Purchasing a New Vehicle Inspection

When you finally find the perfect used car its often tempting to just hand over the money and go on your way. Before committing, it's time for a pre-purchase inspection so you don't end up with a lemon. Pre-purchase inspection includes a comprehensive safety inspection, engine check, mechanical systems check, as well as testing steering and suspension. Inspections on used vehicles also check the vehicle to see if it has possible been stolen or if it has stolen parts. 


Out of Province Inspection

Before a new license plate is issued to you from a new province your vehicle must pass an inspection. The Government of Alberta may issue an exemption from you getting an out-of-province vehicle inspection if your vehicle's history does not indicate flood, unsafe, salvage, or non-repairable damage. A certified journeyman technician who is licensed by Alberta's Transportation's Vehicle Inspection Program can perform this inspection. During this inspection all vehicle components including fuel and exhaust systems, all electrical, engine controls, driveline steering, powertrain, suspension, wiring and lights, braking systems, tires, glass, defrosters and wipers are all looked at.


All types of inspections will check for any indication that your vehicle may need major repair work, if there has been any structural damage and to make sure that any issues are repaired properly. 


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