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Winter driving tips from E & R Automotive Clinic in Nisku, Alberta.

Driving in Snow

How to Stay Safe

Winter driving tips to make it through to spring!

The Tortoise Wins the Race

One of the most obvious safe winter driving tips is to SLOW DOWN! It's a fact that speeding is the main cause of collisions during the winter months. When you reduce your speed you're able to maintain control over your vehicle. It takes up to ten times longer to come to a complete stop so make sure to leave yourself plenty of space to slow down especially if roads are icy or covered in snow. 

Remember that you are not in a race, nobody is going to hand you a prize for arriving to your destination as fast as you can - take your time.


Slow down for safety


"I Have All-Wheel Drive, I'm Fine!"

Just because you have all-wheel drive or even four-wheel drive, doesn't mean your vehicle is unstoppable during winter. Sure they can help get your car going in poor winter conditions and provide more control over your vehicle, but they will not prevent your car from sliding on a patch of black ice compared to front or rear-wheel drive.


Take a Look at Your Exhaust

During the winter months, your vehicles exhaust pipe can become clogged with snow and ice. If not unclogged you run the risk of your vehicle filling with deadly carbon monoxide gas, fatally ending yours and your passenger's lives. If you become stuck in the ditch with your exhaust pipe facing the snow, make sure to crack a window while you wait for help to come. 


Check your exhaust


Keep Up With Your Cars Maintenance

If your car is in good shape, the better it will be in case of an emergency or crisis. Topping off fluids and installing fresh windshield wiper blades can be extremely beneficial. Make an appointment with us if you're concerned that your vehicle is not in the best shape for our winter conditions. 


Vehicle maintenance in winter



Watch What You're Wearing 

Who knew bundling up in a heavy parka when driving can actually be dangerous? A heavy warm coat mixed with your vehicle heating up causes the driver to overheat and become distracted. Even heavy snow boots can be a safety risk! If you're going to be driving for a long period of time, you may want to consider putting your large heavy coat and bulky boots in arms reach. This way you are able to sit comfortably while you drive and you will be safer by doing so. 


What's the Weather Like?

Keeping your eyes on the sky's or even your weather app before you head out could help make sure you are safe on the roads. This way you know what to expect and what to pack in case you become stranded. Sometimes the best way to stay safe on the roads is to avoid them completely - if you can just stay home!


Prepare for winter


Are Winter Tires the Answer?

YES! By investing and installing winter tires, your vehicle gains more traction when turning and stopping on icy roads. E & R Automotive Clinic can help find the perfect winter tires for you!


Check your tires for winter driving


Call 780-955-1991 to learn more about how we can help and for our tire options!



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