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Road trip packing list

The Essential Road Trip Packing List

Don't Set Out on Your Road Trip Unprepared!

Road Trip season is officially here!

Who else is excited? The key to a successful road trip is of course is smart planning, and we are here to help! 


A Map of Some Kind

Whether it's a smart phone or a good ole' fashioned map the key to a good road trip is knowing where your're going! If you are a tech savvy road tripper a good tip would be to screen shot your directions and hotel confirmations just in case you lose service during your travels. Make sure your phone doesn't die on the way to your destination by packing a phone charger that plugs into your vehicle or a portable charger. Road side emergency kit is important


Emergency & Non-Emergency Car Kits

Having some kind of an emergency car kit is one of our number one tips! Make sure to have a flashlight, extra batteries, jumper cables, first aid kit, extra antifreeze, an umbrella and a road side emergency card if you have one. Are you wondering what a non-emergency car kit is? It includes cleaning wipes, napkins, trash bags, hand sanitizer and travel-sized toiletries. It is also a good idea to pack any prescription medications along with any pain relievers or allergy medications. You never know what you might need!  


Snacks, Snacks & More Snacks

Stock up on snacks to save money on pricey gas station prices - $6 for a bag of chips? No way! Of course load up on the candy but make sure to incorporate healthy options like beef jerky, protein bars, cheese sticks, grapes etc. If you are traveling with kids make sure to choose snacks that are light and non-messy to avoid sticky spills on your car seats. Invest in a snack organizer or a cooler that sits within arm's reach from everyone in the car that can also hold drinks to add extra cup holder space!



Make sure to pack different sources of entertainment so you and your travelers never get bored. Books, magazines and audio-books are a great way to past the time, tablets filled with movies and games for your little ones and of course fun car-games! Can't think of any car-games your passengers would be interested in? Stick with the classics like I Spy, Name That Tune, Would you Rather or Never Have I ever.  A great game to keep kids interested is the counting game! Have them count all the cows or horses that are passed or how many blue cars they see. Bring a frisbee or bubbles to play with at rest stops so have some fun while also stretching your muscles. 


Anything Else?

Sunglasses, travel pillow, reusable water bottle, jug of water, blanket, folding chairs, duct tape, WD40, disposable cameras for kids, great music and great company.


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