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Summer car care tips

Summer Car Care

How to keep your car running best in hot summer months

Summer is most people's favorite season - especially for driving! 

That being said, your car should be your first priority before you head out on the road. Summer weather can wreak havoc on your vehicle and that's the last thing you want before a road trip with your family or an event-filled weekend with close friends!


Stay Hydrated

Weather changes can cause your vehicles fluids to run low or even completely out! Vehicles have different types of liquids like transmission fluid, coolant, windshield wiper fluid and power steering fluid - which all need to be checked and refilled if needed. Coolant fluid is one of the most important because it prevents your car from overheating (which we all know can easily happen in our hot Alberta summers) which can cause significant damage to your vehicle. Keeping your coolant fresh ensures that you can keep your car running all summer long! If you are not comfortable changing these liquids yourself E & R Automotive Clinic is here to help.


Check Your Oil

Getting regular maintenance done on your car is a great step in making sure that your vehicle is ready for the summer elements. Checking your oil and having your oil filter changed is important because cleaner oil means a healthier engine, especially if you plan on driving a lot this summer. Intense weather conditions (whether it's extremely hot or cold) puts extra demand on your oil and oil filter. Does this sound like more than you want to take on by yourself? No worries! E & R Automotive is here for all of your vehicle's needs. 


Battery Test

Hot temperatures can shorten your vehicles battery life causing your battery fluid to evaporate, leaving your battery damaged. Inspect your battery for winter wear and tear, also check the brackets to make sure your battery is secure and all wires are tightened. Check your battery case for cracks or leaking fluids, if your battery is an older type with removable filler caps it could mean that hot temperatures can make the battery fluid evaporate quickly. Keeping your car as cool as possible is a great way to expand the lifespan of your battery and gives you a stress free summer.


Check Your Tires

As the hot weather increases you are at a higher risk of having your tires blowout because the air inside your tires expands. Remember not to over-inflate, and make sure to check the pressure in your tires at least once a month. Take a good look at all four of your tires, as well as the spare to make sure there isn't any nails sticking out or cracks and uneven wear. 


Stay Cool

The last thing you want is to hop in your car on a hot sunny day to realize your AC isn't working properly! Not having cool air in your vehicle isn't a big issue in the winter when our biggest worry is if the defrost button is turned on. As our weather begins to rise higher and higher its time to make sure your cars AC system is working properly. Leaks in older vehicles are common and can be bad for our environment. 


Bring your car to E & R Automotive Clinic and we can ensure that your car is summer ready! Call 780-955-1991 to book your appointment today. 


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