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E & R Automotive in Nisku Offers Unique Advice for Alberta Vehicle Winterizing

Vehicle Winterizing Tips with a Twist

Get your vehicle ready for the cold weather

Here we are again... winter driving tips!

If you have lived in the rugged, ever-changing Alberta climate for more than a year or two and survived to tell the tale, there are likely few vehicle winterizing tips you have not already encountered. You know by now the difference between  "all weather" and "all-season" tires, as well as the wisdom of using "winter weight" motor oil and wearing "winter weight" woolies to keep your keester cozy. However, to ensure you don't miss some of the more subtle winterizing preparation suggestions, here is a comprehensive checklist of vehicle-related pre-winter vehicle-readiness points to address which you will find in few other places:

Pre-Winter Vehicle Preparedness Checklist

  • winter driving tipsTop up your fluid levels. If you are down a litre, have a drink of water for heaven's sake. Maybe also check the fluid levels in your vehicle as well, like motor oil, windshield goop and antifreeze strength. If unsure how to check your vehicle's fluid level, E & R Automotive would be happy to help.
  • Install a manufactured "winter front" onto your grill to limit the amount of frigid air hitting your engine at highway speeds. Do not use a homemade cardboard grill-cover, however. These can come loose and hit the fan, or worse, deprive a homeless guy of his principle residence. If you're unsure about protecting your motor from cold wind, E & R Automotive would be happy to help.
  • Check tire pressure with a tire gauge. If low, add "winter air" which is denser than "summer air". Also check your blood pressure if you fall for the old "winter air" gag, but do not check it with a tire gauge as that would just look silly and feel odd. If unsure how to use a tire gauge, or don't own one, E & R Automotive would be happy to help.
  • Buy a new snow brush. Sure, you probably have one kicking around from the previous year... somewhere... Don't worry; you will remember where you put your old one the second you buy a new one, guaranteed. If you are unsure which model of snowbrush works best for your vehicle, E & R Automotive would be happy to help.
  • Buy new windshield wipers. This is important advice because buying used ones on Kjiji is always bad idea. If you're unsure which wipers to buy, E & R Automotive would be happy to help.
  • Get decent floor mats to guard your floorboards against rusting out caused by standing water from melted snow and ice. Make sure the mats fit properly and won't get your heart racing by flopping onto the accelerator, sending your car hurtling down the highway at top speed, or sliding under the brake pedal, making braking an unrealistic option. For proper floor mat fitting, E & R Automotive would be happy to help.
  • Install heated seats. If you can't afford them, a less expensive option is to fill a pillowcase with disposable hand-warmers to sit on during particularly chilly drives. Pricey, yes, but aaaahhhhhh... so worth it. If you want to treat your tush to toasty warmth come winter with a set of heated seats, E & R Automotive would be happy to help.
  • Don't forget non-edible emergency supplies including waterproof matches, paper, maps of the areas you travel, fishing line and hooks, a filleting knife and copies of every episode of Naked and Afraid ever made. Got a GPS to install? E & R Automotive would be happy to help.
  • Pack dry dogfood for Fido to prevent you from becoming moist dogfood for Fido. The larger the dog, the more important this step becomes. For proper installation of pet carriers in your vehicle, E & R Automotive would be happy to help.
  • Put emergency rations in your vehicle in case you break down in a rural area far from help. Essentials include non-perishable, high energy foods, such as freeze-dried entrees, trail mix, granola bars and, most importantly, the ingredients to make "s'mores". On the downside, these things will make you more attractive to bears and other dangerous wildlife. If unsure how to make s'mores, E & R Automotive would be happy to help.
  • Pack extra blankets but not the good ones you got as wedding gifts which your wife wishes to save forever for reasons which remain unclear. If unsure of your wife's wishes, sorry chum, you're on your own.

But seriously folks,

Albertans know that winter may be just another season in warmer countries but in our province, winter is an annual life-and-death challenge. It is crucial we respect severely cold conditions which occur in our area and prepare accordingly. Folks who fail to prepare properly become sobering statistics and sad stories on the nightly news. If you want to ensure your vehicle is as safe as possible during the bitter winter months, E & R Automotive would be happy to help.


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